Welcome to the Intergalactic Coalition in Star Atlas.

Do you consider yourself a Star Atlas gamer? Are you not interested in joining a Star Atlas guild, but do you want to hang out and chat with other Star Atlas gamers? Do you find the Star Atlas Discord server overwhelming and can’t follow the discussion? Then, the Intergalactic Coalition is your community.

The Intergalactic Coalition is a community for people who want to play Star Atlas. You might be a solo gamer who wants to mine in Star Atlas. Or, maybe you are an explorer in the Star Atlas universe. Or, maybe you are just looking to hang out in the Star Atlas metaverse. The Intergalactic Coalition is for you.

The Intergalactic Coalition is a “non-guild” guild or community of Star Atlas gamers. There is nothing wrong with the other Star Atlas guilds. But the Intergalactic Coalition isn’t looking to create a hierarchy of roles and responsibilities. We aren’t looking to pool our ships to engage in epic battles. There isn’t any structure in the Intergalactic Coalition. We are just a group of Star Atlas gamers who want to hang out and talk about Star Atlas.

Why even have a coalition? The Star Atlas Discord server is excellent but too big to follow discussions. You are entirely lost in the chat if you don’t check the Discord server for a day. Or, you are busy during the week with a job or family commitments but still want to be part of the Star Atlas conversation. The Intergalactic Coalition is for you.

The Intergalactic Coalition will have two phases to start with.

Phase 1 – Community Building

The first phase is to build a community of Star Atlas gamers who want to talk about Star Atlas and all the latest developments. The community will be built on a platform called Circle. Circle is a platform similar to Discord and Slack. Here is an example of a Circle community. The most significant benefits are threaded discussions and email alerts. You can follow the discussions you comment on and get email alerts when there are updates to the discussion. Everyone can hang out and talk whenever they are available. As the “guild” leader, I will moderate the community, but hopefully, we can be civil to each other. Ultimately, you want to hang out with a group of unaffiliated Star Atlas gamers like myself.

Phase 2 – Future Star Atlas Metaverse

The Intergalactic Coalition can exist within the Star Atlas metaverse if the community wants. We can organize as a Star Atlas DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation) but not as a traditional guild. The Coalition will still be a bunch of gamers. Maybe we agree on a mutual defense pact. But that is all for the future.

Interested in Joining?

The first step is to build our community now. Are you interested? If so, please click the button to register your interest.

Join our Star Atlas DAC.

Part of showing your interest is because Circle is a paid community platform. I am willing to host and configure the Circle community, but I need the contributions of all coalition members to pay for the community platform. Your payment also means you want to be part of a community of like-minded gamers.

So, who am I? I am Matt with the Intergalactic Herald and Intergalactic Gear. My username in the Star Atlas Discord is @intergalacticherald, and my Twitter profile is @InterGalHerald. I am a Star Atlas gamer. I want to play Star Atlas. I just don’t want to join a guild. But I want to hang out with other Star Atlas gamers. So, I decided to build my own “non-guild” guild/community. Who’s with me?